About dog food

How much do you really know about dog food?


A bit fat? A bit slim? or just about right?

Trusty dog food has a diet to suit.


All of Trusty Dog Foods have been formulated with your dog’s enjoyment in mind. They are all, without exception, very very tasty.

Vitality and looks

All of Trusty Dog Foods are nutritionally balanced to provide all of the daily essentials your dog needs. A comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement is added to compliment the key ingredients. Thus ensuring a bright, healthy, shiny dog full of vitality.


Often overlooked – little talked about but a very important aspect of your dog’s health. Your dog shold have firm poo, you should be able to pick it up not have to scrape it up. All of Trusty Dog Foods diets when fed as advised help maintain a healthy digestive process! = Firm poo.


Trusty ‘Premier’ Dog Foods have a full disclosure of all their ingredients so you can see exactly what is being fed.

See FAQ re ‘Meat and animal derivatives’. All Wheat Gluten Free, all Hypo Allergenic, all GM free, all tip top quality.


You can always buy our products online, or over the phone and have them delivered straight to your door – or visit a stockist local to you.

If you would like any help in choosing one of our diets for your dog(s) please ring and have a chat where we can help determine which diet may best suit your dog’s circumstances.